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Ms. Barkley's Mobile Organic Pet Grooming


Naomi is an absolutely exceptional dog groomer. She takes my matted, dirty, smelly dog & transforms her into the cutest manicured pooch ever! She is a meticulous & talented groomer, & most importantly she is unfailingly kind & patient with my dog. I always know that she will take care of my pup with as much love as I do. 

Lyra's Owner

Naomi is so sweet and gentle with pets we call her "the :cat whisperer". My cat is high strung and hates getting her claws clipped, but Naomi is patient with her and gets the job done quickly and painlessly. Highly recommend.

Gaia's Owner

Naomi is an unusually talented groomer for several reasons. First, she has a gift with animals. Her quiet, kind, and calm energy leads even nervous dogs to relax and trust her. Naomi knows how to read dogs particularly well, and instinctively knows how to put them at ease. 


Second, because of some of the handling issues that inevitably arise in grooming, Naomi has done some apprenticing with me in order to gain training skills. She is a quick study, and thus acquired for herself more dog training experience than has the typical groomer.


Third, Naomi has a wonderful aesthetic sense, which, combined with the technical knowledge she learned from Donna, yields grooming results for even challenging coats that are simply beautiful. 


Finally, Naomi is serious and competent beyond her young years. I could not recommend her more highly.


Lisa Marie Daniel 

Owner: Daniel's Dogs
IACP certifications:

*Certified Dog Trainer- Advanced, 
*Professional Dog Training Instructor

Lisa Daniel
Codys Owner

Just Wow...

My cat chooses to behave very well whilst in her presence- calm, fearless and polite. (How many people know of a polite cat?) I know its a direct result of him spending time with , his favorite groomer, the only person I share my child with.

I have never met any person similar to Naomi. She is truly amazing at her career and loves what she does. Its quite evident in all the areas of her self-started, caring & heart felt mobile  pet grooming business.   Thank you 


Turpentine's Owner

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